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Mystery of Nidhivan (Vrindavan)

NidhivanThe world famous religious place Nidhivan is located in Varindavan near Lord Krishna Birthplace Mathura (Uttar Pradesh). ‘Nidhivan’ is a Sanskrit term which means the ‘Forest of treasure’. According to locals, Nidhivan was settled by guru Haridas whose deep devotion, penace and meditation compelled Lord Krishna to visit this place. Legend goes that in the Nidhivan temple, Shri Krishna or ‘Thakurji’ arrives after nightfall and performs the divine dance or ras leela with Radha ji and all the gopis in Nidhvan Ji. Here the divine Rasleela between Lord Krishna and the ‘gopis’ takes place every night. When the doors opens in morning at present date, the foot prints of Bal Krishna and his calf can be seen on the mountain or forest area. Reality of NidhivanIt is said that all the creepers of Nidhivan are gopis. Who is standing with arms in each other's arms when Radha Rani ji, in the Nidhaivan in the middle of the night, takes a ride with Krishna. So the vine there becomes the gopi…

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