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Thekkady - God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God.

  Thekkady Thekkady a perfect destination for all type of travelers in south India. If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place to cool yourself off of the hustle and bustle of day to day life, Thekkady would be a great choice for you.  Look forward to days of relaxation, gorgeous views, spice plantations, and a lot of thrill and adventure to your Kerala trip with Thekkady on your travel route. With its breathtaking beauty, cozy climate, and diverse wildlife, greenery, beautiful land the place would calm your mind and purify your being. The evergreen and semi-evergreen forest which is bordered by the Western Ghats offers so many places to visit in Thekkady with varied terrain and diverse vegetation. The soothing effect that these places can bring is unparalleled. Hence it is considered one of the best tourist locations in Kerala.  Information About Thekkady Thekkady is also called Periyar and sometimes known as Kumily too. Kumily is the place where we normally stay and Thekka

Tribal India - Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is not as much a city of cultural basking as it is of  lord Shiva worship. Located just 70 Km / 02 Hrs. drive from the pilgrimage town of Puri, the seat of Lord Jagannath Bhubaneswar have several Lord Shiva Temples ensconced in the city's thick greenery. The Buddhist pilgrimage sight of Dhauligiri on the outskirts of the city is located right above the River of Kindness. Emperor Ashoka saw its water flow red after the Kalinga war and decided to embrace Buddhism. Among the cultural landmark of Bhubaneswar, including sand sculpture garden by artist Sudarshan Sahu, are the Odisha Sate Museum, The Handicraft Museum, The Odisha Morden Art Gallery and the most efficiently managed of the four, The Tribal Art & the Artifacts.
The strong pillar to hold to art of Odisha behind Tribal people and community. Many more famous celebrities visited these places and look & the art of Tribal, even Ratan Tata also visited & many more famous artist around the world.

Tribes of India:- Locally called Adivasis literally original inhabitants are the indigenous population of India. Nestled in the hills of the Eastern Ghats they constitute 26% of Odisha's population. The most populous Adivasi region of all India is Odisha. They comprise 62 diverse ethnicities and although co-dependent, fiercely guard their own distinct traditions. You can meet with the Paroja, Mali, Kondh, Dongria. These tribes witness a way of life relatively unchanged throughout centuries.  

Tribal Market:- Bumble along country roads, pass teak plantations and forested hillocks alongside idyllic villages and local market. Walk among the rolling hills encountering Kondh and Paroja hamlets along the way. Enjoy the picnic in the lap of nature and settle in the rhythm of rural village life. Explore the largest weekly market of India's indigenous peoples where everything from cattle to fresh turmeric in market. Odisha is a very exotic and a huge tribe living in India. The Tribes living a very harsh physical environment. Some Tribes like Bondas, Gadabas, these Tribes comes from the hills for the Thursady Market in Onukunelli, south of Jeypore in western Odisha. This place is the part of Indian Tribes belt. 
The Bonda are ancient tribe of people approximately five thousand who lives in the isolated hill region of south west Odisha. Bonda are a scheduled tribe in India and also known as Remo. These Tribal women wear thick silver necklace bands and long colorful necklaces made of beads. Odisha have several weekend market and village where you can see the Tribes in the local market. 
Tribal Art & Craft:- Discover traditional terracotta pottery village and try your hand at the spinning wheel, witness the art of making status from the bell metal. The magnificent art of making terracotta and pottery items still continues to be the source of living for tribal artisans in Odisha. The young generation have always nurtured special linking for terracotta & pottery items. Take the instance of the ideals of their favorite God Ganesh. The region is rich and diverse in this other craft also like bamboo & wood etc. 


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