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Thekkady - God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God.

  Thekkady Thekkady a perfect destination for all type of travelers in south India. If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place to cool yourself off of the hustle and bustle of day to day life, Thekkady would be a great choice for you.  Look forward to days of relaxation, gorgeous views, spice plantations, and a lot of thrill and adventure to your Kerala trip with Thekkady on your travel route. With its breathtaking beauty, cozy climate, and diverse wildlife, greenery, beautiful land the place would calm your mind and purify your being. The evergreen and semi-evergreen forest which is bordered by the Western Ghats offers so many places to visit in Thekkady with varied terrain and diverse vegetation. The soothing effect that these places can bring is unparalleled. Hence it is considered one of the best tourist locations in Kerala.  Information About Thekkady Thekkady is also called Periyar and sometimes known as Kumily too. Kumily is the place where we normally stay and Thekka

Chandratal Lake - Spiti Valley

Chandratal Lake 

Chapter 02 - Presented by RV

Chandratal Lake, a paradise for tourists and trekkers, is located at a height of 4300 meters in Spiti of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is considered one of the beautiful lakes in India. Its natural touch can hardly be seen anywhere else in this world. Chandratal lake derives its name from its 'crescent' shape. Chandratal lake attracts tourists immensely due to its supernatural charm. Also Spiti is the perfect place to see the Milky Way. That means enjoyment of your holiday money. The lake serves as a temporary residence for Tibetan traders during their visit to Spiti and Kullu Valley. Thismlake have unlimited charm of beauty which attract travelers. 

Chandratal Lake View at Night 
Chandratal lake spreads colors several time in a day, during night it make star gazing. Chandratal lake is named not only because of its moon shape but also because it represents the moon. Tourists here visit this place to see the unique beauty in night. Earlier people also do camping near the lake to see the beauty and star gazing night,but after 2019 govt banned camp site near the lake. Now a days tourists come to start in the evening time and gathered over there for photography till midnight and then return back to their hotels / camps. The lake appears dark blue in the morning but it is green in the evening and black in the night.

Chandratal Lake for Trekking Lover
While tracking Chandratal, you will feel as if you have truly embarked on a journey to the moon. There are two big Moulkila and Chandrabhaga mountains around which trekking is very dangerous. Chandratal Lake is one of the sacred lakes of India. The water of the lake can be seen changing colors several times a day.
The Chandratal Lake track starts from Manali, passing through Chika, located at an altitude of 3100 meters, ending at Sethan (2900 meters) and then at the siege of sand. It takes about 6 hours to reach the 'siege of sand'. On the way there are flowers, birds and rivers flowing in the air yesterday, leaving no stone unturned to fascinate the mind. June is the best time for trekking here.

What to Carry During Trekking
There are few things which you should carry during the trekking the list are below mentioned

Waterproof Trekking Shoes, Backpack, Heavy stick, Torch, Water Bottle, Medical box, Towel, Woolen, Trek suit, Hand Gloves, Cap, Snacks, Small sheet for relax, Power bank, Camera, Sunscreen lotion etc. 

Best Time to Visit Chandratal Lake 
If you are planning to visit Chandratal Lake hen from June to August is the best time to visit here. Road are open these month. Before June & after August due to snow roads are blocked so it is not easy to reach. There is no snow between June to August on the roads and you can easily visit the place. 

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