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Thekkady - God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God.

  Thekkady Thekkady a perfect destination for all type of travelers in south India. If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place to cool yourself off of the hustle and bustle of day to day life, Thekkady would be a great choice for you.  Look forward to days of relaxation, gorgeous views, spice plantations, and a lot of thrill and adventure to your Kerala trip with Thekkady on your travel route. With its breathtaking beauty, cozy climate, and diverse wildlife, greenery, beautiful land the place would calm your mind and purify your being. The evergreen and semi-evergreen forest which is bordered by the Western Ghats offers so many places to visit in Thekkady with varied terrain and diverse vegetation. The soothing effect that these places can bring is unparalleled. Hence it is considered one of the best tourist locations in Kerala.  Information About Thekkady Thekkady is also called Periyar and sometimes known as Kumily too. Kumily is the place where we normally stay and Thekka

Vibrant Colors of Pollachi


Pollachi is a charming tourist place located in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nandu state in Southern part of India. Pollachi is full of natural beauty which is totally different from other parts of the world. Pollachi known for their pleasant climate. Pollachi is home of the numerous species of birds, flora & fauna. Pollachi is God gifted destination, where every segment & types of traveler can enjoy the tourist activities. The destination for paradise lover, nature lover, jungle, beaches, art, crafts, craftsmanship, religious, tribes, cycling, farming, cuisine, culture, wellness, wildlife, Eco Tourism & adventure activities. During monsoon period Pollachi spreads their colors to make it a charming destination & attract more traveler. Pollachi also famous in trading especially for coconut, jaggery, vegetables & cattles. Pollachi's are wealthy & well merchant. In Pollachi you can see lot of green hills lined with perfectly manicured tea bushes, coconut trees that makes a amazing contrast against the blue sky and a rustic charm that is hard to miss. 

Perfect Destination for Movies & Wedding Photo Shooting Pollachi 
Pollachi is very famous for shooting movies, many movies being filmed here, even wedding photo shoot is organized everyday here, because of unlimited natural beauty. You can also select this destination for your special occasion. There are many shooting points here based on different ranges like misty mountains, beautiful gardens, nature trails & water activities based.
Experiences of Pollachi
Lets walk with me & take a tour of Pollachi with different taste of culture, art, history & workshop. 

Pollachi - Handicrafts
Rural people of Pollachi are engaged with different types of colorful handicraft items like birds & small animals, which they made by palm leaves. They also shows their arts by making varieties of handicrafts flowers made by coconut palm leaves. These artificial handicrafts flowers they used in marriage decoration or functions.   

Pollachi - Pottery 
Meet the pottery man & know the traditional firing techniques. They will show you how a lump of red clay is transformed into a finished piece of pottery. Mostly they are well trained in dishware pottery. While you go to visit please don't forget to buy a small souvenir directly from local people. 

Pollachi - Rural Arts Performance 
Pollachi have a famous folk dance named Thevar Aatam performed by locals. In this dance form every age of people participate in Dhoti-clad men & boys. This local folk dance performed in the rhythm of special musical instruments. This dance can be enjoyed in open fields of Pollachi. This dance form is very different & unique also colorful. 

Pollachi - Jaggery Workshop
While you are in Pollachi, visit the nearby village and farms, where you can see live traditional process of making jaggery out of the freshly cultivated sap from the coconut palm. The whole process you can from the beginning, how a person climb on a coconut palm tree & till the end of production of jaggery.

Pollachi - Full of Adventure
Pollachi have lot of wonderful experiences water sports & adventure activities. You can enjoy here Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Canoeing, Lake swimming, Speed Boat Ride Rope way crossing & Jumping etc.

Pollachi - Monsoon Walk 
Something is different experience in the lap of rich forest of Anamalais. What a misty mountains pictures view in monsoon time between the gap of Anamalais hills. Experience the nature look up gaze at the grey, rain bearing clouds spread across the sky, sometimes hanging low, gliding over the tall, blue mountains and feed their eyes on the lush green, vegetation in & around you.  

How to Reach Pollachi

By Air: Coimbatore is the nearest International Airport from Pollachi which is 45 Km away 01 hour drive. There are few international flights arrive in Coimbatore from Singapore, Sri Lanka & Sharjah & very good connectivity by domestic flight all major cities of India. 

By Road: Pollachi is well connected by road major metros like Bangalore, Chennai & Cochin etc.




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