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Thekkady - God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God.

  Thekkady Thekkady a perfect destination for all type of travelers in south India. If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place to cool yourself off of the hustle and bustle of day to day life, Thekkady would be a great choice for you.  Look forward to days of relaxation, gorgeous views, spice plantations, and a lot of thrill and adventure to your Kerala trip with Thekkady on your travel route. With its breathtaking beauty, cozy climate, and diverse wildlife, greenery, beautiful land the place would calm your mind and purify your being. The evergreen and semi-evergreen forest which is bordered by the Western Ghats offers so many places to visit in Thekkady with varied terrain and diverse vegetation. The soothing effect that these places can bring is unparalleled. Hence it is considered one of the best tourist locations in Kerala.  Information About Thekkady Thekkady is also called Periyar and sometimes known as Kumily too. Kumily is the place where we normally stay and Thekka

Mandu – Tragic Love Story of King Baz Bahadur & Rani Roopmati


Historical Mandu is 95 km away from Indore city of Madhya Pradesh (India). There are historical tourist sites 'Mandu' which is also known as the city of Joy. Mandu used to be the capital of the Paramara kings of Malwa in the 10th century. It was ruled by the Sultan of Malwa until about the 13th century. It was then named Shadiabad. Mandu is situated at an elevation of about 592 meters from the Vindhya hills. It is the largest fort city in the world. Forts surround this city from all sides. With the arrival of monsoon, the number of tourists starts increasing in many places of the country and Mandu of Madhya Pradesh is one of such favorite cities. The palace of Mandu and the atmosphere here is worth seeing in the monsoon.

The city of Mandu is adorned with spell-binding Afghan architecture surrounded by baobab trees, native to Africa. The grand palaces are still alive with royal romance while the gateways (darwazas) speak of a history of imperial conquests. The magnificent and huge gates here welcome us in this way with the entry of Mandu, as if we are entering the city of a rich ruler. A walk through Mandu will leave you awe-struck, the way you used to be listening to stories from grandparents.

Tragic Love Story of Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati
One of the incomplete love stories is Mandu, a witness to the love of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur. The greenery of Mandu located in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh and the Roopmati palace here attract tourists from all over the world. Roopmati was a famous singer of Malwa and Sultan Baz Bahadur was convinced of her voice. Roopmati was very beautiful. People say that Baz Bahadur married Rupmati inter-faithly and made her his queen. Roopmati was the daughter of a farmer and Baz Bahadur was the last independent emperor of Mandu. When Akbar came to know about the beauty of Rani  Roopmati, he decided to make her his own. He wrote a letter to Baz Bahadur giving this message that he should send Roopmati to the palace of  Delhi. Baz Bahadur in response sent a message to Akbar, in which he wrote that he should send Mandu to his queen. Akbar sent Mughal emperor Adham Khan to climb Mandu and Baz Bahadur's army could not stand in front of Adham Khan. Baz Bahadur died in this battle. Rani Rupmati asked for Adham Khan for three days, and at the end of three days, Roopmati gave her life after eating diamond powder. Thus the story ended here, the love of Baz Bahadur and Roopmati could not be fulfilled.

Rani Roopmati Pavilion - Mandu 
Mandu darshan is incomplete without seeing the palace of Rani Rupmati. This palace, situated on a 365 meter high rock, was built by Bajbahadur for Rani Roopmati. Simultaneously, it was also used as a better place for soldiers to monitor the security system of Mandu. In Mandu, Baz Bahadur built a palace on high stone rocks for Rani Roopmati.
It is said that Rani Roopmati used to get food in the morning only after seeing mother Narmada. Therefore, to make Rupmati's Narmada philosophy accessible, Baz Bahadur built this palace situated at a high altitude.

Jahaz Mahal - The Ship That Never Sailed
Jahaz Mahal of Mandu is also very famous among tourists. Floating over it's own reflection, the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu looks like a ship that’s about to sail. However, for centuries this ship made of stone and mortar never did. Instead, it stood floating over the two artificial ponds, bearing a silent witness to Mandu's long, rich and varied history. It is a very beautiful piece of architecture. The Jahaz Mahal is very famous for its beautiful windows, pavilions etc. Looking at this palace from a distance, it seems as if the ship is floating in the water.

Hindola Mahal - Mandu  
The king used to listen to the problems of his subjects while sitting in this palace. This palace, being tilted from one side, looks like a swing when viewed from a distance, hence it is called Hindola Mahal.
It derives the name of 'Swinging Palace' from its sloping sidewalls. Superb and innovative techniques are also evident in its ornamental facade, delicate trellis work in sandstone and beautifully moulded columns. To the west of Hindola Mahal there are several unidentified buildings which still bear traces of their past grandeur. Amidst these is an elaborately constructed well called Champa Baoli which is connected with underground vaulted rooms where arrangements for cold and hot water were made. Other places of interest in this enclave are Dilawar Khan's Mosque, the Nahar Jharokha (tiger balcony), Taveli Mahal, the two large wells called the Ujali (bright) and Andheri (dark) Baolis and Gada Shah's Shop and House, these also parts of this palace. 

Jami Masjid - Mandu 
This mosque is counted among the unique and magnificent buildings of Mandu. It is also said that Jama Masjid is a replica of a famous mosque of Demascus (the capital of the Syrian country). Inspired by the great mosque of Damascus, the Jami Masjid, was conceived on a grand scale, with a high plinth and a huge domed porch projecting in the centre, the background dominated by similar imposing domes with the intervening space filled up by innumerable domes. One is struck by the hugeness of the building's proportions and the mosque is enclosed on all sides by huge colonnades with a rich and pleasing variety in the arrangement of arches, pillars, number of bays, and in the rows of domes above. The construction of the huge mosque was started during the reign of Hoshang Shah and it was completed in the reign of Mahmud First. 

Rewa Kund - Mandu
Rewa Kund is a special lake for Mandu. This lake is filled with Narmada river water. Rani Roopmati is said to have agreed to marry Baz Bahadur on the condition that she would bring Mandu water from the river Narmada and Rewa Kund fulfills this condition. Roopmati Mahal was built on the banks of Rewa Kund. This palace was built by Baz Bahadur for his queen Roopmati. In this palace, the queen used to see the beautiful view of the river Narmada. Today the pool is revered as a sacred spot.

Best Time to Visit Mandu 
July to March is a better place to visit Mandu. It is better that you visit Mandu during the rainy season, because the beauty of Mandu is at its peak in this season.

How to Reach Mandu 

By Air: Nearest Domestic Airport is Indore, which is only 95 Km away from Mandu. Indore is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Gwalior & Bhopal & by continue Air connectivity. 

By Road: Mandu is well linked by surface to Indore & Ratlam both cities are approx 95 Km away. 

By Rail: Nearest Railway station Indore & Ratlam. Both Station is well connected to Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal. 


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