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Thekkady - God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God.

  Thekkady Thekkady a perfect destination for all type of travelers in south India. If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place to cool yourself off of the hustle and bustle of day to day life, Thekkady would be a great choice for you.  Look forward to days of relaxation, gorgeous views, spice plantations, and a lot of thrill and adventure to your Kerala trip with Thekkady on your travel route. With its breathtaking beauty, cozy climate, and diverse wildlife, greenery, beautiful land the place would calm your mind and purify your being. The evergreen and semi-evergreen forest which is bordered by the Western Ghats offers so many places to visit in Thekkady with varied terrain and diverse vegetation. The soothing effect that these places can bring is unparalleled. Hence it is considered one of the best tourist locations in Kerala.  Information About Thekkady Thekkady is also called Periyar and sometimes known as Kumily too. Kumily is the place where we normally stay and Thekka

Chanderi – History with a silken touch


Chanderi is a beautiful town of historical importance and well known destinations for tourist as well as designer place in Ashoknagar District of Madhya Pradesh in India. Chanderi is very known for its famous hand-loom sarees. I am very fond of to visit the places where local community involved in business & make their on brand name in worldwide. I went to visit this beautiful place in 2013 & i start my journey from Gwalior city by road during my college days. Chanderi is bordered by hills, lakes and forests and is covered with some monuments of the Bundela Rajputs and Malwa sultans. Chanderi is a place highly renowned for its rich heritage, cultural diversity and profound tourist attractions. With the current historical information of over 13th Centuries, Chanderi is presently a home to Hindus, Muslims and Adivasis the culture of each being distinct from the other and yet very similar in certain respects. The town of Chanderi is divided into two broad sections Andar Shaher and Bahar Shaher, each consisting of a labyrinth of settlements interspersed with architectural masterpieces in the form of palaces, Mosques, Temples and Havelis. Chanderi is also famous for its hand-woven Chanderi sarees. It is a renowned center for traditional weavers of sarees. The Chanderi sarees have high demands everywhere. Now a days this city is in Bollywood movies shootings demand, many movies already shoot here & few are in pipeline for shooting.  

Chanderi Fort
Chanderi Fort is the most renowned monument of Chanderi. The fort stands proudly at a height of 71 m above the town on a hill. The fort is fortified with a 5 km long wall. This fort several times damaged & rebuilt. Pages related to the past show that this fort has suffered many major attacks. This important attraction of Chanderi tourism was built by King Kirti Pal in the 11th century. The fort has three gates for entrance. The uppermost gate is known as Hawa Paur, and the lowermost gate is known as Khooni Darwaza. There are three ways to approach the fort. The southwest side of the fort has an interesting gateway called the Katti-Ghatti.

Badal Mahal Gate - Chanderi
Badal Mahal is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Chanderi. Let us tell you that this ancient structure exists here as a huge gate without any palace and fort. This palace was built in the 15th century by Sultan Mehmood Shah Khilji, the King of Malwa, according to the pages of the past, this huge entrance was built in the joy of great victory of Chanderi. Badal Mahal Darwaza is basically a singular structure of a gate that doesn’t lead to any palace or mahal. This historic gate enjoys a central location in Chanderi, near the Jama Masjid. Badal Mahal Gate is quite iconic as it forms the part of the stamp which Madhya Pradesh Handloom Department puts on the hand-woven sarees which Chanderi is famous for.

Raja Rani Mahal - Chanderi
Raja Mahal is a seven storied palace standing proudly in the Andar Shehar of Chanderi. It is one of the few remaining palaces that still grace the landscape of Chanderi. Chanderi once had around 260 palaces, of which only 43 have managed to exist till date. The palace features architectural style of the 15th century. The structures are imposing and show the grandeur of Chanderi during those times. This Mahal made by red sandstone. The palace is truly a magnificent structure that has large courtyards, elegant stairways, beautifully carved pillars and open pavilions on the terrace.

Koshak Mahal - Chanderi 
Koshak Mahal in Chanderi is known as the famous and important structure here. This palace was built by the Sultan of Malwa in the joy of victory. It was planned to make this palace seven storeys earlier, but it could only be built up to three storeys. Mahmud Shah Khilji defeated Sultan Mahmud Sharki in battle, so Mahmud Shah Khilji built this structure in the joy of victory. According to locals that the real reason behind the construction Koshak Mahal was to provide employment to the people of Chanderi as there were facing an acute shortage of work during that time.

Shehzadi ka Roza - Chanderi 
Shehzadi Ka Roza is the cemetery of Mehrunisa. It is believed that Mehrunisa and her lover breathed their last here. Both of them were buried at the same place after death. Mehrunisa was the daughter of a governor whose beloved was the army chief. But Hakim was against the alliance. When the army soldiers went to war, Hakim asked a few soldiers to make sure that the chief does not return back from the battlefield alive. The commander, however, survived, though injured. He managed to escape from the battlefield and ride towards Chanderi. But he fell from his horse and died at the very place where the monument is now built. When Mehrunnisa found out, he rushed to meet her lover, but on finding him dead, she ended her life as well.

Jama Masjid - Chanderi 
Jama Masjid was built by Ghiyasuddin Balban during the 13th century. Jama Masjid is one of the famous tourist destinations in Chanderi. It is a huge complex and wonderful mosque, where approx 2000 person accommodate for prayer, which serves to surprise tourists with its size. Three large domes are built above the mosque, which serves to make this ancient structure special.

Story of Chanderi Silken Touch & Bunkaar Quarters
Let us know that Chanderi is not only famous for heritage but also famous for its Chanderi sarees all over India, these sarees are exported to other countries besides the states. Chanderi is famous for the magnificent silken fabrics produced in the town. Since time immemorial, the weavers or Bunkaars of Chanderi has been weaving the nine yards wonder. The Chanderi Sarees are known for their unique texture, sheen, and semi-transparent qualities. The heritage is attached with the skills of weaving high quality fabric products here. The weavers are actually the symbol of the heritage, as they have been the ones, who produced the kinds of stuff that received appreciation even from the royals.The sarees are hand woven cotton, silk or silk mixed with cotton variety. You can visit the quarters of the weavers to witness how these sarees are made. Not only weaving, but you will also see the traditional architecture of the houses and the way of life of the weavers here. You can also purchase from here silk sarees for your family and loved one as a souvenir. 

Accommodation in Chanderi 
There are very few hotels to stay in Chanderi in which Kila Kothi is the best property to stay here, after that another place to stay Taana Baana Resort which is developed by M.P Tourism, besides of it there are many budget class hotels. 

Best Time to Visit Chanderi 
Winter session to visit Chanderi October - March. The temperature during the winter months fluctuates between 5 to 20 degrees Celsius. 

How to Reach Chanderi 
By Air: The nearest Domestic Airport is the Gwalior Airport which is 225 km & another Domestic Airport "Bhopal" which is 210 km from Chanderi, roughly five hour drive from Chanderi. It is well connected with the cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

By Rail: The nearest Railway Station is Lalitpur Railway Station, around 35 Km from Chanderi. Lalitpur station is halt of major super fast trains like Shatabdi & Rajdhani route of Delhi - Mumbai, Nagpur Railway line. 

By Road: Chanderi is 37 Km from Mungaoli, 35 Km from Lalitpur, 54 Km from Ashok Nagar, 100 Km from Guna & 148 Km from Sagar. Road condition is good. There are direct State Transport as well as private bus services to Chanderi from Gwalior, Indore & Jhansi.


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